The Mighty Migration

We all watch these wildlife documentaries and think“ I wish I could experience that“

I didn’t think I would be so affected by seeing this phenomenon or spectacle of nature, because I have been living and working in the bush for almost 16 years.
But it did! In a very positive and humbling way. I have realized again how to value life and how value is added to life. It is about life and death and how one species are dependent on other species no matter if it is big mammals or birds or insects.

I had someone telling me that you can get the same experience in Kruger, NO you can not! It is completely different. This is a bucket list event that everybody should have on his or her list.

Getting of the plane at Serena airport and putting your feet down on real African soil is only the first step. Being welcomed by warm faces and smiles of the Wild-Eye team you just know  “I have made the right decision”. This is how a trip should start in my books. Arriving at the Wild-Eye Camp Dickson, Francis and the team are awaiting you with nice cool face cloths and something to drink.

The safaris are out of this world and you will see stuff that you didn’t think was possible, believe me.  From a photography point of view it is almost impossible to describe but in a nutshell, you will walk away with amazing images.

After evening drive we get together in the media tent and download images. But the most important part for me was to sit around the fire and discuss our day and it was so satisfying hearing from my guests how they enjoy the whole experience.

After a while Dickson will come and tell us ” Guys dinner is ready “. He is such an unbelievable human being you guys really need to meet him, any way…… after dinner you are pretty tired after a long day of amazing sightings and it is of to bed. Another great part of the trip. You are lying in your comfortable bed with only the net zipped up and fall asleep with hippo calling in the river below, lions roaring on the river bank, territorial leopard walking and calling through camp. All these sounds at night around the camp are just so humbling. And the only thought as you lay there:


In the mornings you get a wake up call and a hot shower is awaiting you. We all get together in the dining tent for a cup of Kenya’s finest coffee and watch the sunrise over the Mara River. Our day then starts again with uncertainty, but in a good way, on what nature has planned for us. And the adventure starts all over again each morning.

So what I am trying to tell you is that it is an unbelievably special experience and Wild-Eye have hit all the nails on the head to create an authentic African experience.

I will be co-hosting again 4-17 September 2016 so drop me a line at

Asante Sana