Welcome to my new Website !!

Hi Everybody

It has been a while since I have done work on my site , with the help of a great friend we could make some changes.  Thank you Marc !! There are still a few new add-ons we are working on, more on that later.

This short wright up is just to introduce you guys to my new website, I will try and  load blogs as we go along. Busy few months ahead at the lodge and then the Migration season with  

So stay tuned for updates !!

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Big Cats and Tuskers

The Big cats and Tuskers trip is probably one of the most diverse trips regarding photography with different areas and animal behavior being witnessed daily. The opportunities on this trip are endless. What makes this trip so unique is the itinerary.

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The Mighty Migration

We all watch these wildlife documentaries and think“ I wish I could experience that“

I didn’t think I would be so affected by seeing this phenomenon or spectacle of nature, because I have been living and working in the bush for almost 16 years.
But it did! In a very positive and humbling way. I have realized again how to value life and how value is added to life. It is about life and death and how one species are dependent on other species no matter if it is big mammals or birds or insects.

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